4 Effective Ways to control Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a modern, wealthy disease. Once diagnosed, it requires treatment and needs medication for life. This process is painful to the patient, and whether you have noticed some common methods is actually very effective in controlling blood sugar. Get to know it now.

How to stabilise blood sugar in life?

Regular exercise

Regular aerobic exercise can make the body use glucose more effectively, but it is worth noting that diabetics should exercise after meals to avoid the time of fasting, so as to avoid hypoglycaemia and to avoid intense exercise. Only in order to maintain stable blood sugar.

Following Diet

How each meal is eaten is one of the important things that diabetes must pay attention to. The diet of diabetes should pay attention to calories and must be quantified, and it is not advisable to consume high-sugar foods. The same is true of fruits, and diabetes can be added between meals. Food, snack foods, or low-sugar sweets are all good choices.

Everyone needs to prevent complications of diabetes

Proper Rest & Being Productive

Diabetics should develop a good routine, do not stay up late, so as not to increase the resistance of cells to insulin, increase the situation of high blood sugar, You should reduce the chance of injury in life, do not frequently change shoes, so as not to bring new wounds , is not conducive to wound recovery.

Maintaining the Drug Habit

Diabetic patients must take regular doses of medication, can not just stop, can not easily add their own medicine, must be used according to the doctor’s doctor’s advice, many patients have the idea that when the amount of food eaten more, they will use more Some medicines, since they think that blood sugar will be reduced, do not know that this is causing more severe hypoglycaemia.

Diabetes is not fatal, but why is diabetes so scary?

We all know that the increase in blood sugar is not a two-day event, and that diabetes itself is not that terrible. It is the complications of diabetes that really make people scary. We all know that high blood sugar stimulates the nervous system and kidneys of the body. Big, if the long-term blood sugar control is unstable, the consequences are very serious.

Diabetic foot is a very common complication. Because of the hyperglycaemia of the legs, the degeneration of the nerve vessels can cause the skin wounds of the legs to not heal easily. A small wound will bring unpredictable results.

In general, the primary purpose of diabetic patients is to stabilise blood glucose and avoid rapid rise or fall of blood glucose. The above hypoglycaemic methods can help diabetics to lower blood sugar more effectively in their lives. With regular blood glucose monitoring, blood glucose can be maintained. Within a good range.

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