Baby Exercise To Maintain A Good Health In The Early Development

Physical exercise allows the baby to have a more stable sleep, reduce crying, and become a happy baby who is eager to play and learn. these simple exercises that will help you become your baby’s personal trainer and a healthy development of the baby.

Prone Time

Your baby is lying most of the time, baby’s back is always supporting the body. You can try to turn him over and let him face down, which will help to build the muscles of his neck, arms, shoulders, back and stomach. The baby will practice lifting and raising his chest before three months. When the baby’s neck and back are exercised to a certain extent, they can turn over autonomously. Turning over is a milestone in the development of baby sports. Being able to turn around autonomously means that the baby’s back neck is developing well, so you can start holding your baby upright.These are all helpful to train his muscles, let him roll, sit up, and finally crawl on his own. As strength and endurance increase, you can gradually increase to 20 minutes of exercise every day. Even if he keeps sitting, he can continue after turning over.


Letting the baby do a bicycle kick can help her/his stomach? Of course, this is not only a natural way to help the baby’s body system to vent gas, but also a good way to exercise your baby’s legs, hips, knees and abdominal muscles. This will help increase your baby’s flexibility and increase his range of activities. “

 Let your baby lie flat and gently move his leg as if he were riding a bicycle. When you help your baby exercise, you can talk, smile, sing or make a squeaky voice. Repeat the exercise three or five times, take a break, and repeat. As long as your baby is smiling , talking with you or kicking with your eyes, you can continue to repeat the exercise.


Helping your baby to sit up is another great way to exercise her shoulders, heart, arms and back muscles. Even if you don’t help, the baby will naturally bend her abdominal muscles and keep her head and body level, which will help the baby strengthen muscles and build balance. When your baby is lying and using your forearm to grab something, you can gently pull her towards you. You can start doing sit-up exercises in about 6 weeks. If the baby is too small to support the head, you need to put your arm behind her shoulder and hold her head with her hands (to prevent getting up and fall off the head) instead of pulling her forearm up.


Taking things is a good way to exercise your baby’s grip and improve your hand-eye coordination. It also helps you exercise your baby’s shoulders, arms and hands.

 Once the baby starts to grab something (usually 3 or 4 months or so), use your home’s various gadgets as her personal weightlifting equipment, such as rattles, small toys, and other items of different sizes and shapes. Let the baby sit in her high chair or baby rocking chair and place some small objects in front of her. Then encourage her to raise one, check it out, put it down, then lift it up or transfer it to another gadget. You may need to show how it was done a few times before, but the baby will learn quickly, especially when she “lifts up” should make a sound, light or give other rewards to praise her for doing well.

Sitting Alone

In this part of the solo ride, many babies will have differences due to their physique. Most babies can sit alone for about 5-8 months, but some babies can sit independently after learning to crawl, so Parents don’t have to blame the baby’s exercise sequence, just help the baby to practice. In the early stage, the mother should prepare for the baby’s support, but the time of practice should not be too long, otherwise it will affect the baby’s development.


Most babies can crawl around 8-10 months, but this stage is also different from person to person. There are also many babies who can only crawl after learning to walk, so parents don’t have to train their baby in some order. movement. However, it should be noted that after the baby can crawl, the parents must pay attention to the safety of the baby’s activities. For example, prepare a crawling mat or fence for your baby, and choose the right crawler for your baby.

Although the development of the baby’s great sports is very important, it is a law of natural development. Parents can exercise properly, but they must not interfere hard, otherwise it may have adverse effects on the baby’s future development.

The development of the baby’s great sports is very important. It can be said that in the first year after the baby is born, the development of the big sports will lay a solid foundation for future growth, but due to the different physical conditions of each baby, the time and stage of development are also not same. so parents do not have to worry too much, we should mainly look at the overall development of the baby, if the overall development process is normal, then you don’t have to worry about it. play with your baby for one or two hour in the morning and evening.

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