Basic Caring Tips To Keep The Newborn Baby Healthy

Here are basic tips for newborn care, The following about neonatal care techniques can help mothers grow their newborns healthily.

1. Feeding

The baby can grow up quickly. Newborn feeding is a must-have for new mothers, including knowledge and skills in breastfeeding , artificial feeding , mixed feeding.
Breast Feeding
Breastmilk is the most precious gift that mothers give to newborns.
Artificial Feeding
artificial feeding is when the mother can not feed the newborn for various reasons, the cow milk, goat milk and other animal milk, or other milk substitutes can be used to feed the baby.
Mixed Feeding
Mixed feeding is to supplement the feeding of newborns with other milk or formula, in order to ensure the normal growth and development of the newborn.

2. Bathing

To bathe the baby, room temperature, water temperature should be moderate.
Baby-Specific Soap
Soap should be used as a special soap for infants with large oiliness and small alkalinity and low irritation. You don’t have to use soap every time you take a bath, especially when you sweat a lot in the summer.
Water Temperature
Give the baby a bath when the water temperature must always pay attention to prevent the water temperature is too low to cause the baby cold. At the same time, take care to prevent water and soap bubbles from entering the baby’s ears, nose and eyes during bathing.

3. Skin Care

Infant skin development is incomplete, poor ability to control acid and alkali, it is important to protect the acidic protective layer on the baby’s skin surface. When bathing your baby, use pure and gentle baby shower gel and baby soap to leave a natural protective layer on your baby’s skin while thoroughly cleaning. It not only keeps your baby’s skin moist and smooth, but also protects against bacteria.

4. Stool Observation

Preventing the baby from indigestion, a reasonable diet is the key. The baby often eats delicious food and does not eat enough. You should also pay attention to the baby to keep warm in the abdomen, especially the umbilicus, do not let the gastrointestinal tract be stimulated by the cold, while minimising respiratory infections.

5. Prevention of Infection

Keep Clean
People who are in direct contact with the baby should keep their hands clean, especially before and after touching the child. Do not touch the baby directly after touching the nostrils, mouth, etc. This will bring the bacteria to them.
Keep supplies Clean
Items that are in direct contact with the baby, such as nipples, should be disinfected in time. Rinse with boiling water after drinking, avoid touching the nipple by hand, and drink the rest of the milk. It is best not to drink it again. If necessary, it should be boiled before eating.
The room must meet the conditions of fresh air and temperature. Pay attention to ventilation and ensure sufficient sunlight. When cleaning the room, it is best to sprinkle some water and then sweep the floor or directly with a wet mop, in order to avoid flying a lot of dust.

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