Busy? People Make Time When They Care


A word used when one wants to run away from someone or something.

Setting priorities right in your life is of utmost importance. When someone does not take an effort to put you in their priority list, never bother asking for one. When someone actually tells they are busy, it does not reflect their schedule but does reflect YOUR spot in their schedule.

Everyone exists but fail to be a human. Humanity is what we are losing these days. If we appreciate our living then we equally should respect another person’s existence. Yessss, people are complicated and one different. They may not be a connect to you but can be on someone else’s list. Telling people that you are not their priority and closing on it is more humane than having them hanging on to you.

Being BUSY is a Myth. Being HUMAN is Real. Choose wisely! 😇🙌🤗


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