Depression Related Symptoms and Prevention

Depression is an intracerebral disease. Mild depressive disorder can be treated without medication. It is only relying on psychotherapy. At the same time, it can be self-recognized through self-recognition of emotions to obtain a benign cycle of emotions.

Related symptoms

1, Excessive excitement, feeling full of hope

2, Suddenly become irritated, hatred

3, The mood is not calm

4, Sexual urges

5. Make a great but unrealistic plan

6, Make a wrong judgment

7, Drug abuse and alcohol

8, Easy to impulsive

Some patients may also experience hallucinations, visual hallucinations, and illusions. For example, some patients feel that they have the power of Superman, or feel that they are God.


Because of its unclear exact reasons, there is currently no way to prevent bipolar depression, so it is important to pay attention to the symptoms of early intervention. Some people with bipolar depression commit suicide. Recognizing early symptoms, early treatment is beneficial for subsequent disease control. Suggestions to prevent from the following aspects:

1. Pay attention to sleep, diet and exercise

Exercise can prevent the onset of depression and help increase physical strength. It can also increase mood quickly and buffer depression in a short period of time.

2. Clear personal values and goals

A personal statement writing down your own values and goals. It can help you assess whether your current work and personal life meet your values. If not, it can help you choose the change that best helps you get rid of depression.

3. Bring joy to life

Even if you don’t think you are eligible for your own joy, at least you should do what you like. No matter how busy you work, you must also find time to relax yourself and do something that you feel will make you happy. The joy in front of you can help prevent future depression. Bringing joy to life is indeed one of the basic strategies for good mood.

4. Establish reliable relationships

Establishing reliable human relationships takes time and requires your own efforts. It is impossible to establish success overnight. Although it may seem a little difficult, you must remember that you can establish such a relationship at any stage of your life.

5. Don’t be anxious

In order to avoid this one-sided dependence, it is best to have multiple aspects of life: friends, family, work, hobbies and interests, within and outside the family, social and personal. Each part enhances your self-esteem. When a certain aspect of life is not going well, you can also get comfort and support from other aspects.

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