Help Your Child To Come Out Of Smart Phone Addiction

Mobile phones are the product of a new era of technology. Now they have penetrated into every aspect of people’s lives. Entertainment, leisure, socialising, learning, shop, shopping, etc. are all kinds of things. Solving mobile phone management and usage is not complicated, as long as you develop good habits.

Pay Attention to Child

If you let your child play the mobile phone, the child will start to play again, so the parents will follow the child. Some parents even play with their children and teach their children how to use their mobile phones. In fact, parents still don’t pay enough attention to the problem, and they don’t have an effective way to bring their children away from Mobile Phone.

Family Atmosphere

Studies have shown that when children are playing, if their parents are playing with their mobile phones, their desire to play with their mobile phones will increase by 1-2 times. Therefore, the family atmosphere is very important. Parents should not play mobile phones at home, otherwise the children will play along with them.

Divert Attention

The more boring the emptiness, the greater the reliance on mobile phones, as long as you have positive and healthy interests, and put time and attention into them, also get a sense of fun and achievement, then the demand for mobile phones will be Greatly reduced.

Teach Positive

For any one person, it is not their own approved behaviour, and they cannot achieve positive results. To change the status quo of indulging mobile phones, children must be made aware of the dangers of “controlling” mobile phones and have the desire to change. This is the most fundamental and basic condition for escaping any addictive behaviour.
Parents should communicate with each other through peaceful communication, and make consensus with the children. Don’t be overly emotional, don’t be alarmist, otherwise it will easily lead to the child’s rebellious psychology and cause counter-effects. Compared with other addictive behaviours, mobile addiction can easily be quit if it you can recognise the harm and get help and support from people around.
As a parent, it is the responsibility of helping children to discover and cultivate a variety of positive and healthy hobbies. In particular, it is the most fundamental and effective way to encourage children to participate in group activities that can be positively interacted with their peers.

Teach Effective Communication

Pay attention to your child’s friends, encourage children and friends to communicate face to face, When face-to-face communication can meet the child’s psychological needs, the phone is not that important. At the same time, you can also ask your children’s friends to act as supervisors, make appropriate reminders when children violate the rules, and even jointly with the children’s friends and their parents, to participate in the “activities” to get rid of cell phone addiction.

Although there are many drawbacks in smart phones, it is inevitable to use it, and it also has certain advantages in education and space simulation. You don’t have to be too strict, just need to help your child use the phone before the child is obsessed with the phone, and it is necessary to create a pleasant environment for them.

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