How to Treat Young People Depression

Mild depression can be treated without drugs, relying only on psychotherapy, while treatment of moderate-to-severe depression, while using antidepressants to control the condition, the psychiatrist will generally assist in the implementation of psychotherapy, with the treatment.

In modern times, the pressure of the days is increasing, and the number of people suffering depression is also increasing. Depression is a relatively common disease. We often know from time to time in the press or on the Internet that the harmfulness of depression is very large. It can directly affect family days, and it can also bring about great social problems. The tips. After the occurrence of depression, the patient will be disappointed, and his thinking will show a slow performance.

Then what are the treatments? Let’s take a look at the specifics below.

  • Positioning yourself, conducting recent and long-term life planning, doing something meaningful

  • Maintaining interest in learning, learning to adapt
  • Making close friends, establishing good interpersonal relationships, getting comfort, help, and Support

  • Forget about pain, find happiness, and maintain a good attitude
  • Use exercise to eliminate bad emotions and mental fatigue

  • Learn to tolerate and love to see the world.

Depression is not a purely physical problem. Moderately or above depression can not be completely cured by drugs, because people will repeat his pattern of illness unless the human heart is liberated. The pressure of modern life is big, and the rhythm is fast. There will be a period of boredom in each of us. Drug treatment is characterised by relatively rapid onset of action, comparative efficacy, and is suitable for patients with moderate to severe depression. Antidepressants are currently the main drugs for the treatment of various depressive disorders. They can effectively relieve depressed mood and accompanying anxiety, tension and physical symptoms. The effective rate is about 60% to 80%. Psychotherapy is a very important one in the treatment of depression.

For patients with bipolar manic depression , because the attack may be more frequent, the first is to control emotions through medications to prevent injury during overactive episodes. After the emotions are controlled, they are supplemented by psychological counselling . Gradually making it self-controlled and emotionally stable is the first step before you can try to follow-up behavioural therapy.

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