How to Worry Less and Be Happy

1. Understand Yourself
To really start living your life you should understand how you are behaving for others Comment & their opinion towards you, if you start worrying about unnecessary things it is simply gonna eat your energy & it will stress you out which will not help you live a peaceful life. Start understanding that your behaviour is your strength and only you know about you and you are alone responsible for your Happiness.

2. Be Conscious & Start Smiling
It is important to be conscious and notice when you are worrying, Why you are worrying and you should give yourself some time to think and stop worrying. Noticing yourself worrying will help you become calm and handle any situation with a Big Beautiful Smile on your face. To make a good practice look at a child and give a smile or try giving a smile to an unknown people.

3. Meditation
Start Practicing to take some good breath and doing meditation at-least twice a day, meditation will help you let go of thoughts and have some peaceful mind.

4. Spend time with Nature
Yes, Spend some real good time with Nature. Listen to Birds, Enjoy early morning sunshine, Spend time with your Pets, Feed a street dog, Look at the flowers start noticing the natural beauty of nature which has no emotions but fails not to nourish you. Always remember to recognise the beauty of non living things you have discover the beauty within you.

5. Know What is the real Problem
The real problem is always “Thoughts“. Thinking so much about the future is not gonna help, Reacting to the real problems is what you should concentrate, An imaginary situations are the results of your bad experiences.

6. Give Love
Love is what makes you Feel Better, Energetic, Enthusiastic and good Human being. Don’t find the love which makes you feel better just give the love which makes you feel better, Help others in their tough time, Help a friend who’s seeking someone to rely on emotionally, Love Children, Donate a blood, What you give for others is what you get from others to be loved you have to be a lover who spreads love.

7. Be Positive
Your bad experience will teach you a lesson for lifetime but that doesn’t mean all bad experiences will teach a life lesson some situations may look like life threatening but you never know what good cause it has behind the scene, Be positive towards life ignoring what hurts takes time but you feel better in the end, Just wait for the Time.

8. Be Patient
Everything takes time to come in control so your Thoughts & Habits.

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