Most Important Life Lessons For A Happier Life

U.S. social psychologist Curley once said: Mature people are good at summing up past experiences and lessons, which is the secret of their success in career and happiness.

Every family has its own mode of life and state, which is determined based on different people, different personalities, different personality characteristics and different ways of communication. It is difficult to define the right and wrong of these states, but different people. There will be different feelings and evaluations.

Here are some of the choices which can lead you to be happy and success

1. Be Calm And Keep Silence 

Sometimes you are misunderstood. You don’t want to argue, so choose silence. Not all people have to know you, so you don’t think you have to shout to the world. But sometimes, you are misunderstood by the person you love, and you are sad to not argue, but only to choose silence. The world can not understand you, but he should understand that if he can’t understand what else to say, there are times when Schubert is speechless, after all, not all right and wrong. Clearly, it may not even be true at all. Well, if you don’t want to talk, you don’t say it. When you say nothing, it may be the best explanation.

2. Don’t Think About “IF”

Life is a long road with unlimited mouths, and you are always making choices. If you only choose to eat fried noodles or fried rice, the impact does not seem to be great. However, if you choose what department to read, what to do, whether to marry or not to marry, or if you want to have children, each choice will have a far-reaching impact. Different choices must also be made in the same life. The unbearable feelings in life lie in the chance that life does not return. If it’s how it was, it won’t be a big deal right now… In fact, there is no real good or bad in the choice of each mouthful, as long as you see life as yourself. Unique creations, will not frequently look back if you did not make the same choice.

3. Efforts To At Least Whether 

You have been successful or not, at least you have been beautifully strolling through the woods. You see a vine adhering to the trunk, soft and solid intertwined, and you are touched by this quiet beauty scene. Let’s stop with happiness and belonging. you think. I do not know what kind of wind and rain will be destroyed in the future? Maybe the vine will break and the tree will fall. Maybe the days will be bleak and the land will be old. You think again. So, please stop at this moment. Stopping is eternal. If there is this moment of beauty in eternity, all kinds of catastrophe that may be encountered in the future have been comforted and rewarded.

4. Live In The Present

Because of too many thoughts, you often complicate your life. Obviously it is living in the present, but you are always obsessed with the past, but worried about the future; insist on carrying the past, the future and the present counterparts, of course, only a drag on your life. And simply is a state of grace. Simply feel the change in the weather with the skin, simply taste the grass after the rain in the nasal cavity, simply take a close-up view of the distant mountains as a painting. Simply live in the moment. And now it does not matter whether it is true or not. Since there is no right or wrong, there is no need to think; if there is no truth or falsehood, there is no need to remember and worry. Isn’t it true or false? Isn’t it just like dreaming? Yes, just put your life as a dream and go for it.

5. Occasionally “Cheesy”

Eat more healthy food, and have a duck tongue and salted chicken. See more masterpiece dramas, and occasionally aim at the sight of the endless series of endless tears. Listen to more classical music, and occasionally sing a pop song that loves him for a hundred years and hates him for ten thousand years. You know that health foods are meaningful to the stomach and the intestines. Master dramas are meaningful for temperament. Classical music is meaningful for sexual advancement. Occasionally, however, you don’t really want to live like you do all the time. Life does not need to bind yourself so tightly. Occasional little indulgence is moral. cheesy people are more approachable.

6. Don’t Waste Emotions

Somedays you may be unhappy because someone have stabbed you in words. You don’t like arguing, so you leave; but you just left it, but did not leave the situation that was hurt by someone you really need in your life, so the more you get angry. The more angry you are, the less effort you put to take care of other things. Many of the events that should be deliberately dealt with in order to be dealt with are in your distraught disquiet, neglected and neglected. Because you are only angry with one heart and one mind. It’s a waste of yourself, and it’s a bad choice. After all, anger also takes effort, and anger must hurt. So, smart is like you, don’t let emotions control you. Before you get angry again, you may whisper to remind yourself: “Don’t waste it.”

7. Don’t Blame Others

Once you encounter troubles in life, you will directly want to find individuals, people or organizations that can be blamed. This is a waste of time and energy. People who live in the world are unfair. You can’t always do it right and make it right, and, if you are seeking justice, your life will never have peace of mind. So does this mean that you can stay in the status quo and be self-reliant and not make any changes to yourself or to things? of course not! However, the more important thing than these is to pay more attention to those things that are within your control and influence. As for things that are beyond your control, how far away you can go. Instead of wasting time on complaints, it is better to think about what you can do and make changes.

8. Be Crazy

When you take the train to plan to go to A, halfway to the ground, I suddenly got out of my mind and got up in B. Maybe it is a unique place name that attracts you. Perhaps the scene that happened by chance touched you. In short, you changed the schedule that was originally scheduled, and then experienced a surprise travel full of surprises. A land is your original goal, B land allows you to experience a little adventure. Recall that you said that it was an unforgettable derailment experience. This is not the case at many times in life. The only purpose that goes to the heartlessly is to fulfil the original itinerary; leaving the preset track, you have the opportunity to discover other landscapes.

9. Be Positive And Self Motivated

There are innumerable such people who will tell you why it is not working, why it is impossible, and how meaningless it is for people to live. There are also a large number of newspapers and websites that tell you how bad reality is and encourage you to give up hope early. On the contrary, you must reject this set of theories of the negativists and stay away from all their activities. Discover the positive side of each day. Just walking, the ability to speak and breathe are precious gifts God has given us. Even if the real situation is really bad, we must also be an active and optimistic person facing it.

The real learning comes from experiencing the world in person and finding a place in the world.

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