She Was a RAINBOW But He Was a Color Blind – Woman

Does a man really know whom he need as his life partner?!

I haven’t come across any guy till date who was right at his first choice. All they look for is a “trophy – wife”.

My dear little boys, what would you do with a women who is beautiful but has a dirty concrete personality. You may want one who dresses up to gain your acceptance but a switch from real self.


My dear little girls, what would you do with a man who does not respect women but bloats only about himself. You may want smart handsome and rich but fakes or masks his dirty intentions.

In a world where we have mixed genre, REAL is difficult. I am not blaming either man or woman. Where there is good, there is bad. Neither are everyone perfect nor walk without doing mistakes.

Today’s social media has become one’s resume. You are judged based on where you go, with whom you go, what you do.
Arghhhh… !
It’s very rare one reads another soul and know who he/she really is!

Dear Man, there are really beautiful radiant woman but you failed to open your eyes and heart or even to acknowledge the woman’s worth.You became superficial and saw only what you want to and never looked beyond.

Just like a 🌈…. A pure heart, a calm soul, a rich essence, a great being, a steadfast leader, a thought-full gift, a mother diary, a humble shine, a care taker…. I can go onnnn… She is more than the Colors of a rainbow. Alas! You were Color blind! ☺️👼🧚


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