Sleep Apnea in Pregnancy – Why and How it Occurs

Sleep disorders are regretfully very common nowadays but there is one such disorder that could become highly harmful. Sleep apnea disorder occurs when you stop breathing while you are sleeping thus resulting in a sudden startled awakening because of the alarm signal your brain sends to your body. This alarm signal occurs because the oxygen supply delivered to your brain is cut short, thus causing the brain to panic if you’re going to die and jolts you awake. This disorder often happens in pregnant women, so if you’re one of them you need to read these:

Will My Baby Be Affected by Sleep Apnea?

As long as you get the condition diagnosed as quick as possible and seek the proper treatment then no, absolutely not!

Your baby will be safe and healthy since sleep apnea is closely related to low birth weight, preterm delivery, preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

How to Know If  You Suffer from Sleep Apnea?

Since your night sleep is mostly disturbed with you frequently waking up then you are most probably going to feel incredibly sleepy during the day. This can of course be confused with usual pregnancy exhaustion but you will definitely be able to tell the difference when you can’t even keep your eyes open in the AM. Other possible symptoms include waking up with a headache accompanied by a dry mouth. You also might experience night time heartburn.

Why Does Sleep Apnea Occur During Pregnancy?

There are many reasons why people normally suffer from sleep apnea disorder but when it concerns pregnant women these are some possible reasons:

  • During 9 months of pregnancy Women body visibly goes through a couple of changes that contribute to developing a sleep apnea disorder.
  • Hormones released during pregnancy tend to dissolve the mucous membranes that line your upper airway thus boosting the possibility of sleep apnea.
  • According to conducted studies sleep apnea typically occurs in women with gestational diabetes or high blood pressure, but that does not mean that these conditions are the sole purpose of sleep apnea. It is just common amongst women who face these issues
How common is Sleep Apnea?

There is no hard and fast rule to determine this since many women face this issue without even realising it. But if you are usually healthy and are experiencing a healthy and normal pregnancy you probably won’t have to deal with sleep apnea.

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