Sleep Breathing Problems – CSA, OSA, Catathrenia

Sleep is imperative for every living creature in this universe. With a proper, undisturbed and hassle-free sleep schedule; humans perform better in their daily life activities thus resulting in higher positive results in their job, school etc. But, on the other hand if your sleep schedule is disturbed, patchy or incomplete due to sleep breathing problems then your whole overall performance is impacted negatively.

Check and see if you suffer from these obstructive sleep disorders, here are some common ones

Central Sleep Apnea

People who suffer from central sleep apnea usually find difficulty in breathing while they are asleep. This breathing disorder happens due to some issue in the person’s brain or heart. CSA is triggered when the brain and heart are not in sync thus moving an abnormal amount of air to the lungs. In some rare cases like the Cheyne-Stokes Breathing Pattern the sleeper can suffer from kidney failure, stroke or heart failure.

Sleep Related Groaning

Self-explanatory, this breathing disorder is also called Catathrenia where the sleeping person releases guttural moans and loud groans while sleeping. The reason is that his/her breathing pace slows down substantially while groaning and afterwards the sleeper has to intake a long breath which sounds more like a moan. This process lasts for almost 40 seconds and sounds very alarming to a bed partner or anyone close by.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

OSA is a relatively serious issue as compared with the aforementioned ones as it can get to a dangerous point where the sleeper completely stops breathing. This happens because his/her airway gets blocked somehow (sometimes it’s because the tissue at the back of the throat collapses) and restricts the amount of air that reaches the lungs. The brain eventually is too deprived of oxygen to function which triggers an alarm signal that jerks the person awake. But in some cases, when the sleeper is too sleepy the brain is too tired to trigger this alarm signal.

Child Sleep Apnea

Apneas basically mean a pause in a breathing pattern. Children frequently face this breathing disorder while sleeping because of their small lungs that require them to intake frequent and shallow breaths of air. This results in the child getting too much carbon dioxide in their blood (a situation called Hypercapnia). If untreated and left ignored this condition can lead to alarming things like a depression in the child’s chest wall.

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