August Celebrations

1st, Wednesday

  • National Girlfriends Day
  • World Lung Cancer Day
  • National Mountain Climbing Day
  • National Raspberry Cream Pie Day

2nd, Thursday

  • National Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • National Coloring Book Day

3rd, Friday

  • Grab Some Nuts Day
  • International Beer Day – First Friday in August
  • National Watermelon Day

4th, Saturday

  • Campfire Day – First Saturday in August
  • National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • U.S. Coast Guard Day
  • National Clown Day – Saturday during International Clown Week
  • National Mustard Day first Saturday
  • National White Wine Day

5th, Sunday

  • Friendship Day – First Sunday in August
  • International Forgiveness Day – First Sunday in August
  • National Underwear Day
  • Sisters Day – First Sunday in August
  • Work Like a Dog Day

6th, Monday

  • Wiggle Your Toes Day

7th, Tuesday

  • National Lighthouse Day

8th, Wednesday

  • Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day – now that’s nasty!

9th, Thursday

  • Book Lover’s Day

10th, Friday

  • Lazy Day
  • National S’mores Day

11th, Saturday

  • Presidential Joke Day
  • Son and Daughter Day

12th, Sunday

  • Middle Child’s Day

13th, Monday

  • Left Hander’s Day

14th, Tuesday

  • National Creamsicle Day

14/15 V-J Day – which date do you celebrate as the end of WWII?

15th, Wednesday

  • Relaxation Day – now this one’s for me!

16th, Thursday

  • National Tell a Joke Day

17th, Friday

  • Chinese Valentine’s Day/Daughter’s Day – 7th day of 7th Lunar Month
  • National Thriftshop Day

18th, Saturday

  • Bad Poetry Day
  • National Honey Bee Awareness Day – Third Saturday

19th, Sunday

  • Aviation Day
  • National Potato Day

20th, Monday

  • National Radio Day
  • World Mosquito Day

21st, Tuesday

  • National Spumoni Day
  • Senior Citizen’s Day

22nd, Wednesday

  • Be an Angel Day
  • National Tooth Fairy Day – and/or February 28

23rd, Thursday

  • Ride the Wind Day

24th, Friday

  • Vesuvius Day

25th, Saturday

  • Kiss and Make Up Day

26th, Sunday

  • National Dog Day
  • Women’s Equality Day

27th, Monday

  • Global Forgiveness Day
  • Just Because Day

28th, Tuesday

  • Race Your Mouse Day -but we are not sure what kind of “mouse”

29th, Wednesday

  • More Herbs, Less Salt Day

30th, Thursday

  • Frankenstein Day
  • Toasted Marshmallow Day

31st, Friday

  • National Eat Outside Day
  • National Trail Mix Day