Is Your Child Slow – Teach These Skills To Your Child To Be Brave

The fears we learn will accompany us to grow up and then evolve into those things we try to get rid of: we are hesitant to speak up, we obey to make people like us, and we have no confidence in our decisions. so our Children.

In fact, bravely planted in our hearts, waiting for us to water. Regardless of gender, regardless of age, as long as we cultivate with our heart, it will be a day when it will be reborn in the hearts of everyone.

Bravery can be learned. Just as you want to learn anything, it only requires more practice. Teach your child the following things to become brave.


To develop a good time schedule, after the children go to school, in addition to the assignments of the teacher, some will go to various kinds of interest classes, or watch an animation at night, play games, always Sleeping late, I can’t get up again in the morning. Therefore, the rest time is not good, the physical lack of exercise, always no laziness, then how brave, to go to bed early in the morning, get up early in the morning, go to the morning run on weekends, to lay the ball, to participate in some outdoor activities, adhere to Exercise, have a strong constitution.


Usually infuse the child in peacetime so that the child knows that only the widower will retreat in the face of difficulties. The real man is not afraid to face difficulties. You can’t solve the difficulties. No one can solve them all when they encounter difficulties. You can find your classmates, find your parents, and find a teacher to help you solve the difficulties. But you must not be a deserter in the face of difficulties. Only when you dare to face them can you Overcoming difficulties, ultimately using wisdom to solve difficulties.


Tell your child that although you are young, you are a boy and you grow up to be a man. So now it must be as responsible as a man. When you do something wrong, when faced with the censure of your parents and teachers, you must dare to admit mistakes, don’t be afraid to be tempted by criticism, dare not face lack of courage, or blindly excuse, not to admit your fault. Real men do not shirk responsibility.

Physical Activities

In addition, it is better for boys to participate in more resistance activities such as rock climbing, debate games, playing games, swimming, and such activities. Such activities are many people, but also a team, and will also promote your team awareness. Through the team’s fierce confrontation activities, the boy’s positive attitude is increased. To participate in such activities more often can also be more contact with people. It will not be a lonely person alone. More and more homes will be more timid. If you go out, you will be more sunny and you will be more brave.

Learn New Things

Bravery does not mean rashness. It does not mean that you are stupid and foolish. It’s a strong independent and positive attitude. like learning above, parents should cultivate their children’s interest in learning and learning, and they can have a positive and upward attitude in learning. For example, children are very scared of English and find it difficult to learn. Parents must guide their children to tell their children that it is not so terrible, and that you are evading not to study now, and you will continue to learn afterwards. It is your responsibility to escape and escape. It is better to cultivate good interests. Not so scared.


Kids must learn to self-discipline. Today’s society comes from all kinds of temptations. Children have been exposed to television computers since childhood. There are so many things on the internet. Children are young because they have no ability to distinguish themselves and they have no resistance. They often come into contact. If the online world is affected, it will be like a game.

Many children will become addicted after they come into contact with each other, immerse themselves in their own world, and be afraid to contact with the real world. Therefore, young children should try to avoid touching things that do not belong to this age, and they should cultivate strong self-discipline. Sex, don’t be easily affected.

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