Teaching Good Manners To Your Child – Parenthood

Children’s good habits from childhood can be used for life, because these habits are related to the child’s future development. If you develop good habits and keep the child healthy, you will able to enjoy the interest of it for the rest of your life; if you develop bad habits, you will not be able to repay its debts for the rest of your life.

Parents should raise children from an early age, Educating children is a long-term task. As parents, we are duty-bound and must do our best to fulfil our duties and accomplish our mission. Everyone hopes that their children will become talented adults and achieve certain achievements. However, how can it always be smooth when educating children? In the process, we will inevitably encounter many problems. Everyone must continue to learn in order to better educate, etiquette and progress with their children.


Regular house cleaning should be done, maintain indoor hygiene and ventilation. you should always pay attention to cleaning. You should do indoor ventilation and indoor moisturising no matter what season. Eventually teach this good habit to your child and keep it clean by himself/herself. Teach them not go to the store or other places during the epidemic period of infectious diseases, insist them to wear a mask while going out. When the child is at home for treatment, don’t let them run around, so as not to infect others. Educate children to care for the environment, not spitting and littering. make them realise that keeping the environment is a responsibility of an individuals and tell them to teach the same to others.

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Responsibility or Self Strength

Doing your own things is to rely on your own strength and experience to accomplish what you have to face in your daily life and study, rather than trying to find help from others. In life, many children have become accustomed to let their parents be their own nanny, get up and let their parents call, clothes to let parents clean up; in learning, they are used to let parents and teachers become their crutches, reading and letting teachers remind and write Homework for parents. Imagine, once parents leave them, who will help them with these things? always tell them to discover their own responsibilities and It is parents responsibility to teach them to be confident and let know the child’s own strength.

Health is Wealth

Graduate from the best university, find a good job, develop a career of your own, become an expert in a certain field, In order to realise these dreams, the children are immersed in homework every day, but they ignore an important thing. The matter is “Health is Wealth“ That is, arrange a certain amount of time every day to keep up the good health, do some sports that are suitable for them, and persist for a long time to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and promoting the mind. Life is movement. Exercise every day, strengthen yourself, and be strong.

Smile, Polite & Friendly Behaviour

The most beautiful person in the world is a person with a smile. Just to take an example, when playing games, they accidentally hurt their partners; in similar situations, they are not intentionally hurting others. At this time, is the child willing to see a cold face filled with hate and blame, or willing to see a smiling face that shows tolerance and understanding? They will definitely look forward to the latter, because such a smile is actually saying: “I know that you are not intentional, it does not matter.” This smile represents a kind of friendship, a kind of understanding. If your child is finding difficulties letting go out of the hate and blame, remind them and tell them politely in the situations when they make mistakes. Everyone is willing to face a smiling face. People who smile and treat others are always polite, amiable, sincere, friendly, and generous. They are the most popular people when they go.

Teaching the Value of Plans

People who have a plan to do things will win trust. Some children are confused when they are finished at the end of the period. In the morning, they often can’t find socks when they get up in bed. Do you know how to get your child to avoid these troubles? The best way is to let the children learn to do things with a plan, that is, to have specific time rules for what they have to do, to be prepared, to have measures, to have arrangements, and to have steps.

Being Brave & Confident

In learning, the wrong question means the child’s mistakes in learning and loopholes in knowledge mastery. Treating the wrong question is not just a matter of “correcting” it. This requires the child to develop a new good habit: to reflect on himself in the error. Tell your child to be brave enough to ask anything whether it’s wrong or right, Teach them learn from their mistakes and not to make the mistakes again, We have found that children who are good at reflecting on their mistakes can often make in-depth analysis of their mistakes and sum up in time.

Small Commitments

Whether it is a big event or a small matter, as long as you say it, you must work hard. This is related to the integrity of one person. It is more important for a person to form a good personality and be loved and welcomed by all. There are many similar problems. Parents should educate their children. No matter what they say, they should try their best to do it. Otherwise, they will tell others that he is a person without credit, a “language giant, a dwarf of action.” Words and beliefs are the foundation of a person.

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