Top 7 Most Common Regrets in Life

1. I worried too much on “Unnecessary Things”
We often worry too much on an unnecessary things which gives us stress and eat our energy.

2. I Cared too much about “What others think”
Thinking about what others think about you will double the burden emotionally, It’s always good to keep in mind that only you know yourself better than anyone else and you should take decisions depending on your needs and what is good to your surrounding.

3. I should have been more “Honest about my feelings”
You should be very honest your feelings, If you make compromises to make someone else happy for a while you’ll end up compromising it for lifetime, Instead if you express what you really feel it will become easier for the person to judge and understand you better.

4. I Din’t “Live my life as I wanted”
We often live our life for the better of our kids & Family, though they are part of your life they are also equally responsible for their life what you have gone through to understand what is life is what they’ll also have to go through with. Live your life to the fullest and then guide them to live on their’s.

5. I Spent very less time with my “Family”
Do spend some time with your family as you are alive now, Regret not worrying about the past spend the rest of your time with the one whom you want to live with.

6. I was afraid to “Take Risks”
Most of our  friends take risks and do some crazy things to experience different things, When you have energy in your body take risks and experience what thrills you.   

7. I “Lived less in the Present” and more in the Future
Yes, Stop living in your dreams. If you always think about tomorrow you may miss the fun of today. no matter what situation you are in you’ll have to enjoy the present. Neither Happiness or Sadness are permanent in life.


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