What is Keto Diet or Ketogenic Diet and What to Eat On Diet

There are two types of energy sources for the human body

Sugar and Fat

For people who normally eat carbohydrate foods, 60%-70% of the calories they need are from sugar . Only if the energy produced by the metabolism of sugar in the body is not enough to support the body’s energy consumption, the body will get fat or protein from the body. Request energy. Therefore, for people who are not usually exercised, if they are over-fed, the body has high sugar content, and the amount of exercise is not enough. When the sugar is not consumed, it will only grow long and will not consume fat.

What is a Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a diet that preferentially consumes healthy fats and proteins while limiting the daily intake of carbohydrates below 50g. Carbohydrates are the main part of the regular diet, and ketogenic diets are based on fatty acids.

The ketogenic diet is a popular diet among celebrities and supermodels, which has also made it a popular food culture. You may have read many news about the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet has a very high requirement for the intake of fat, and the intake of carbon and water is strictly controlled. It also requires an appropriate amount of protein.

The ketogenic diet uses Ketone bodies to replace carbohydrates. After the body consumes glucose, it slowly begins to burn fat, supplies energy to the body, and then slowly enters the ketogenic state. Finally, the body enters a state of high-speed fat burning.

When the body enters the ketogenic state, the resulting ketone body can supply energy to the body and can also supply energy to the brain. This leads to better energy, more focused attention, and an overall upgrade in the ability of the brain to function. The ketogenic diet can also quickly lower blood sugar, stabilize blood sugar, and there are many other health benefits.

What Should a Ketogenic Diet Eat?

Because the keto diet is an ultra-low sugar, low protein, high fat diet. If you want to start a ketogenic diet, you must pay attention to what you can eat!

1. Edible oil: Lard, coconut oil, butter, olive oil, etc. Some natural oils and fats can be eaten more, but you should eat less corn oil, peanut oil and some other seed oils.

2. Meat: You Can eat all the meat, is this not surprising to everyone? Yes, the ketogenic diet can eat all the meat, and the best option is organic grass fed with skin and fat. Meat, such as pork, pork knuckles, burdock, chickens and ducks; internal organs, all kinds of fish, but also a little fat, such as salmon, saury; eggs are edible. But need to be careful about the excess of protein.

3. Drinks: In terms of drinks, plenty of water, moderate amounts of tea, and moderate amounts of coffee are all good choices!

4. Fruits: Because most fruits contain high sugar content, especially berries, they can only be eaten occasionally as desserts.

5. Dairy products: You can eat whole milk cheese, full cream fresh lactose-free dairy products, but pay attention to buy sugar-free.

6. Vegetables: Vegetables are the main source of carbohydrates in ketogenic diets. All green leafy vegetables and non-starch vegetables are generally grown on the ground, and non-plant rhizomes can be eaten regularly. Most of the carbon content is actually fiber, which is good for health.

The ketogenic diet is a way to lose weight by changing people’s habitual diet. The principle is to use low-carbon water and sugar-losing methods to stop the body from relying on sugar to start using fat as a source of energy.

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