When I ask you what does – I LOVE YOU – Mean

When I ask you what does ‘I LOVE YOU’ mean… You would pause before saying anything. This is not because you do not want to answer, it’s cos your mind says what would make my love stay and not walk away!
You simply do not want to lose on that happy moment, or being together.

Falling in love is a real journey where at every stage there are uphill climbs and slippery slopes, cosy snugs and breezy trails and everything in between.💘

There is a different meaning to when you say ‘I LOVE YOU’ for the first time to an year into the relationship. (Or even past 😉)
These three dangerous words change it’s definition throughout your journey.
Whether you say it with laugh or tears, say it first thing in the morning or before going to bed, say it once a day or many a times, say it for a month or for an year, there is some love present. 💞

Reason could be:
‘I care for you’
‘I’m there for you’
‘I’m committed to you & our relationship’
‘I want the best for you’
‘I need you’
‘I want to wake up with you’
‘I am attracted to your beauty & brains’
‘I laugh with you’
‘I am myself with you’

Over the years,(or till the last breath) when one really wants to not just use them as words but have the real meaning lie within one’s heart and soul for the one you loved, then it simple means you weren’t just there for the pretty parts, stayed no matter what!



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