You Can’t Worry and Live at The Same Time – Choice Is Yours

Choice is always yours! 😉🤗

“If given a choice”….. When you listen to these words, your heart thumps and you wish that choice is in your favor.

Just think of choices people have made in history and it’s events which could have been something different, un-experienced, unproved or unknown. Whether the choice made then was right or otherwise, eventually it occurred.

While you live, you cannot assure of always making good choice. Sometimes you settle for less and live with. When you have already chosen, then why worry for it. Wrong choices will teach you a lesson for life while right choices motivate you to live. Either ways, you are the receptor, gainer and dweller.

From birth to death, it is the matter of choices. Do not waste worrying, live with it or be brave enough to make another right choice to bring in the change. 😉😇

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